About the project

VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF THE NIEMCZAŃSKI LAND was created with the purpose to bring a larger number of recipients closer to the great historical-cultural-natural heritage of Niemcza and its vicinity. The website will contain the most crucial aspects of knowledge about the resources of this wealth while, at the same time, promoting information about it on a large scale.

The Niemczański Land might be compared to a lens which brings together almost all the elements typical for history, culture, natural resources and environmental resources of the unique land of Silesia. When looking only at the history of a rather small area of Niemcza we may discover everything this region lived for and the challenges it faced in the economic, religious, political, cultural and national sense. Niemcza, which is the place of a long-term interaction of Polish-Czech-German plots, was home to such notable personages as: St. Adalbert of Prague, St. Hedwig of Silesia, Daniel Caspar von Lohenstein, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and many others. Within the region of Niemczański Land (nowadays conventionally related to the scope of Niemcza commune) numerous, often of artistic nature remains of art and material culture of the past centuries have preserved. These are, above all: extraordinary archaeological findings, works of artistic art, unique set of sepulchre art in Przerzeczyn-Zdrój and in Wilków Wielki, in Przerzeczyn–Zdrój, Piotrkówek, as well as a picturesque architecture and urban arrangement of Niemcza with the remains of medieval fortifications. The rich historical and cultural heritage is as admirable as the exquisite natural and environmental resources, among which the following are noteworthy: promiscuous landscape with multiple forest areas, rock deposits (ie. syenite, basalt), mineral water sources including health resort in Przerzeczyn–Zdrój, habitats of protected plants and animals, environmental wealth of the area of Wzgórza Niemczańskie as well as most beautiful Arboretum in Wojsławice with precious plant collections.

Unfortunately the period of communism and the economic crises of the 90s of the XXth century led to the deterioration of this area and, to a large extent, devastation of the heritage which had been gathered here for centuries. The Niemczański Land has not been able to this day to recover from this collapse which is all the more sad in the context of being equipped in such magnificent virtues. However, in the spirit of positive thinking about the future a VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF THE NIEMCZAŃSKI LAND was launched, which represents an effort to minimize the strongly felt lack of the Museum of Niemcza at least to some degree (such museum was liquidated after the second world war). By promoting a uniquely diverse and rich heritage of Niemcza we sincerely hope that with a little bit of luck and will of the local authorities it will have a chance of becoming a key aspect in the development of the region in the future.

We warmly encourage you to take a closer look at the Niemczański Land. The charm of its certain places will truly enchant you and an exceptional genius loci will let you almost empirically feel its history. All the more, when matched with a number of mysteries and riddles waiting to be solved and scientifically explained. We also wish to invite you to co-create our portal, share your knowledge, the historical materials you might be in possession of as well as the joy of sharing your own discoveries. This concerns both a distant past, modern history and the present day.

See you in Niemcza!